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  Sep 21, 2017
2016-2017 University Catalog

English, BA

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Banner Code: LA-BA-ENGL

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences  
Department: English  

This program of study is offered by the Department of English .

For policies governing all undergraduate degrees, see the Academic Policies  section of the catalog.

This undergraduate program offers students the option of applying to the accelerated master’s degree program in curriculum and instruction (SECE concentration) .  See listing for specific requirements.

Degree Requirements

Students must fulfill all requirements for bachelor’s degrees , including Mason Core  requirements. Students pursuing a BA in English must complete additional college requirements for the BA degree  in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences . Students pursuing this degree must complete 36 credits in English/Linguistics beyond ENGH 300 (not including ENGH 302 ) with a minimum GPA of 2.00.  At least 12 credits (including the capstone requirement) must be at the 400 level.

300-level courses in English and linguistics teach the foundational principles for a field of study, include courses of broad scope, and provide an introduction to a genre, literary period, or methodology.

400-level courses in English and linguistics provide an in-depth approach to a field of study, a single genre, literary period, or methodology.  They include special topics classes and English honors classes.  Some 400 level courses require ENGH 305  as a prerequisite.

Students choose at least one and no more than two of seven concentrations, or an emphasis in comparative literature.

Students should consult with an English Department advisor to learn ways in which the Mason Core  requirements can also satisfy college-level requirements for the English major.

BA in English with a concentration

Five required courses (15 credits)

Threshold course (3 credits)

Field introduction courses (6 credits)

One required course (3 credits)

Additional course (3 credits) chosen from:

For many students this requirement will be met within the concentration. Those students will complete an additional 3 credit ENGH course above ENGH 302.

Theory course (3 credits)

Three core courses (9 credits)

Courses taken to fulfill this requirement may simultaneously satisfy a concentration.  Special topics courses, when relevant, may be used to fulfill this requirement with the prior written approval of the department.

One elective course (0-12 credits)

Students must take 0-12 elective credits in the major as needed to meet the 36-credit requirement.

Four courses (12 credits) in one concentration

Special topics courses may be used to fulfill the requirements for a concentration when so designated by department.

▲ Concentration in Creative Writing (CW)

▲ Concentration in Cultural Studies (CULT)

▲ Concentration in Film and Media Studies (FILM)

▲ Concentration in Folklore and Mythology (FOLK)

May include one course from outside the English Department chosen from:

▲ Concentration in Linguistics (LING)

▲ Concentration in Literature (LIT)

Four courses (12 credits) chosen from:

When relevant, ENGH 400 - Honors Seminar , ENGH 401 - RS: Honors Thesis Writing Seminar , and ENGH 402 - Honors Independent Study  may be applied to this concentration.

▲ Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric (WRTR)

Total: 36 credits

BA in English with a Comparative Literature Emphasis

The English Department and the Modern and Classical Languages Department offer a BA in English with an emphasis in comparative literature. This program combines the study of literature in English with the study of one or more foreign literatures and with cross-cultural literary study. It requires 10 courses above ENGH 302 .  Students should consult with their advisor to design a program of study that best suits their particular interests and goals.

One course (3 credits) in literary criticism chosen from:

Students choose a course appropriate for their focus.

Two courses (6 credits) in English or American literature

Two courses (6 credits) in literature other than English or American

Students meet this requirement with courses in a literature other than English or American, either in translation or, for those pursuing foreign language study, with selected readings in the original language.

Three courses (9 credits) in comparative or world literature

Comparative or world literature courses are designated by the comparative literature committee and generally selected in consultation with the advisor every semester. Examples are:

  • various 300-level CLAS courses
  • FRLN 330 courses
  • Special topics courses, when relevant, in ENGH, FREN, GERM, RUSS, SPAN, or other language

Total: 30 credits

Writing Intensive Requirement

The university requires all students to complete at least one course designated “writing intensive” in their majors at the 300 level or above. Students majoring in English fulfill this requirement by successfully completing ENGH 305 . Students doing the comparative literature emphasis who do not take ENGH 305 will have to meet the writing intensive requirement with another non-English course.

Mason Core (40 credits)

Note: some Mason Core  requirements may already be fulfilled by the major requirements listed above.  Students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors to ensure they fulfill all remaining Mason Core  requirements.

Expand each item below for a link to specific course lists for each category.

College Level Requirements for the BA degree

In addition to the Mason Core program, students pursuing a BA degree must complete the course work below. Except where expressly prohibited, a course used to fulfill a college level requirement may also be used simultaneously to satisfy other requirements (Mason Core requirements or requirements for the major).

Philosophy or religious studies (3 credits)

Fulfilled by any course in philosophy or religious studies (PHIL, RELI) except for PHIL 323 , 324 , 327 , 393 , 460 PHIL 253  and RELI 235  cannot be used to fulfill both the philosophy/religious studies requirement and the Mason Core  literature requirement.

Social and behavioral science (3 credits)

3 credits in addition to the university-wide requirement in social and behavioral science for a total of 6 credits. The two courses used to fulfill the combined college and university requirements must be from different disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences.  This requirement may be fulfilled by completing any course in ANTH, CRIM, ECON, GOVT, HIST (except 100 or 125), LING, PSYC, or SOCI and these courses in GGS: 101 , 103 , 110 , 301 , 303 , 304 , 305 , 306 , 315 , 316 , 320 , 325 , 330 , 357 , 380 .

Foreign language

Intermediate-level proficiency in one foreign language. This requirement may be fulfilled by completing a course in a foreign language numbered 202, 209, or 210 (or higher level courses taught in the language) or achieving a satisfactory score on an approved proficiency test. A three course sequence in American Sign Language (EDSE 115 - American Sign Language (ASL) I EDSE 116 - American Sign Language (ASL) II , and EDSE 219 - American Sign Language (ASL) III  will also meet the foreign language requirement. Students who are already proficient in a second language may be eligible for a waiver of this requirement. Additional information on waivers can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Non-Western culture (3 credits)

3 credits of an approved course in the study of a non-Western culture  in addition to the course used to fulfill the Mason Core  requirement in global understanding. A course used to fulfill the Mason Core global understanding requirement may not be simultaneously used to satisfy this college-level requirement. A course used to fulfill this requirement may be used simultaneously to fulfill any other requirements (Mason Core requirements, college-level requirements, or requirements for the major). Additional information on waivers can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs


Any remaining credits may be completed with elective courses to bring the degree total to 120.

Degree Total: Minimum 120 credits

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