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George Mason University
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  Sep 21, 2017
2016-2017 University Catalog

Religious Studies

Phone: 703-993-1290


Professor: Ro, Sachedina

Professors emeriti: Burns

Associate professors: M. Dakake (chair), Farina, Nguyen, Rashkover, Shiner

Assistant professors: G. Sparks, Turner

Adjuncts: Bond, D. Dakake, Hostetter, Padgett, Rine, S. Sparks


This department offers all courses designated RELI in the Courses  section of this catalog.

Undergraduate Programs

The department offers a bachelor’s degree in religious studies for students who are interested in learning more about the world’s religious traditions. Majors explore the many dimensions of religion and study religion’s spiritual, historical, cultural, and social aspects.

Areas of study offered by the department include Asian religious traditions, Near (Middle) East religious traditions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity), and comparative aspects of religion. Though the required coursework, majors in religious studies develop skills in reading and interpreting sacred texts. They explore the cultural and social dimensions of religion along with a consideration of religious values and ethics, from comparative and cross-cultural perspectives with relation to global issues.

The courses in the undergraduate program are writing intensive. They enable students to study and analyze religious ideas and symbols and give them the skills they need to present well-argued papers.


Students majoring in religious studies are encouraged to do one of the many minors offered by the college. See Minors and Interdisciplinary Minors  in this section.

The department also offers minors in religious studies and Judaic studies, both of which are available to students in all majors in the university.

Graduate Program

The department sponsors the concentration in religion, culture, and values in the Interdisciplinary Studies, MAIS . This concentration is designed for students who interested in exploring the world’s major religions at the graduate level. Students study the development and interaction of the global religious traditions that influence human identity, behavior, culture, and values. They investigate the effects that historical crises and the forces of change have on religion, placing contemporary religious pluralism and inter-religious dialog in a global context.


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