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George Mason University
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  Sep 21, 2017
2016-2017 University Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies

Phone: 703-993-8762

Concentration Heads

Arminio, Crooks, Fraser, Gorski, Hamner, Hattery, Kabbani, Lair (director), Miller, Rashkover, Steger

Course Work

This program offers the courses designated MAIS in the Courses  section of this catalog. Students in this degree take most of their courses in the disciplines that they integrate as part of their degree program.

Graduate Programs

The master’s degree program in interdisciplinary studies (MAIS) is designed for students who seek a degree that integrates knowledge from several disciplines. It addresses a rapidly evolving demand for specialized and individualized graduate study. Students choose one of twelve structured concentrations or devise an individualized program of study when traditional degree programs do not meet their evolving careers or life goals.

The degree requires course work from a home department and selected courses from other disciplines. Students complete their degrees with a project or thesis.


Students pursuing a master’s degree program in interdisciplinary studies can choose established concentrations in these areas:

  • Community College Teaching
  • Computational Social Science
  • Energy and Sustainability
  • Folklore Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Neuroethics
  • Religion, Culture, and Values
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Justice and Human Rights
  • War and the Military in Society
  • Women and Gender Studies

For a variety of reasons, traditional graduate programs are not able to meet the specific educational goals of some students. They can choose an individualized concentration. With the help of a faculty advisor, they design an individualized program of study that includes courses from several academic disciplines.


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