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  Sep 21, 2017
2016-2017 University Catalog

Global Affairs

Phone: 703-993-9185


The Global Affairs program offers all courses designated GLOA in the Courses  section of this catalog.

Undergraduate Program


Bockman, Breglia (director), Copelman, Christensen, Habila, Hirsch, Kelly, Leeson, Lopez-Santana, Lukacs, Mandaville, McGlinchey, Melnyk, Paczynska, Samara, Singh, Smith, Son, Uy-Tioco, Wan.

Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree in global affairs is a transdisciplinary major that introduces students to the global processes affecting all societies. Drawing on the broad international expertise of Mason faculty, this program incorporates courses from across the university. Global affairs majors examine transnational and international processes in a wide range of areas including politics, economics, culture, peace and conflict, and the environment. Through the concentration of their choice, they have the opportunity to study specific regions and languages and investigate the ways particular parts of the world experience and influence global processes.

Global affairs majors take a common set of core courses and choose a concentration. They can focus on a theme (e.g. global economy, international development, the environment) or a world region (e.g. Africa, Asia, Latin America).

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Mason’s many study abroad courses and do an internship as part of their degree program.

Honors in the Major

Highly qualified students may pursue advanced work leading to graduation with honors in the major. Global Affairs majors who have completed 75 credits with an overall GPA of 3.50 and a GPA of 3.50 in courses for the major are eligible to apply to graduate with honors.

Students pursuing honors in the major must complete a two-course honors sequence GLOA 491  and GLOA 492  with a minimum GPA of 3.50 in the sequence. Not all applicants who meet the minimum requirements are guaranteed acceptance.

Global Affairs with a Second Major or Minor

Students can complement their major in global affairs with a second major. Students interested in this option are encouraged to discuss their plans with advisors in both majors. See the section on Credit for More than One Undergraduate Major in Undergraduate Policies .

Students majoring in global affairs are encouraged to complement their major with one of the many minors offered by the college. See Minors and Interdisciplinary Minors  in this section.


The undergraduate program in global affairs offers a minor in global affairs , which is available to students in any major in the university.

Graduate Program


Bockman, Breglia (director), Christensen, Kelly, Karush, Lancaster, Lyons, Mandaville, Melnyk, Singh, Uy-Tioco

Master’s Degree

The master’s degree in global affairs is an interdisciplinary program that offers students the opportunity to engage in advanced study of a broad range of international global issues.

Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Program

Highly qualified undergraduates in any major are invited to apply to the accelerated master’s degree program in global affairs. If accepted, students will be able to earn an undergraduate degree in their chosen major and a graduate degree in global affairs after satisfactory completion of 144 credits, often within five years.


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