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  Sep 21, 2017
2016-2017 University Catalog


Phone: 703-993-1151


Distinguished professors emeriti: Smith

Professors emeriti: Chung, Phillips, Vaughn

Professors: Bennett, Boettke, Boudreaux, Caplan, Cowen, Groseclose, Heiner, Houser (chair), Klein, Leeson, Levy, Martinelli, McCabe, Nye, Ramirez, Stratmann, Tabarrok, Wagner, White, Williams

Associate professors: Castillo, Coyne, Hanson, Johnson, Jones, Meyer, Petrie, Wiest

Assistant professors: Eil, Koyama, Mollerstrom

Term assistant professor: Dunick, Rustici


The Economics Department offers all courses designated ECON in the Courses  section of the catalog.

Undergraduate Programs

The department offers a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science degree in economics. The bachelor of science degree program is designed for students who desire a more technical program with a stronger emphasis on economic and quantitative analysis. It is especially appropriate for students who anticipate a career as an economic analyst in government, consulting, trade associations, or private sector positions that emphasize economic research and analysis. The requirements are also suitable for students planning postgraduate education in economics or more quantitative business administration programs.

Students interested in careers in the business world can pursue a concentration in managerial economics within the BS in economics.

The bachelor of arts degree in economics is designed for students with an interest in the liberal arts. It is appropriate for those who prefer a less quantitative degree program and may be especially suitable for students planning to attend law school or graduate programs in business or public administration.

Honors in the Major

Students pursuing departmental honors must complete 6 hours of ECON 495  culminating with an original work of research and an oral presentation. Requirements for departmental honors are in addition to the coursework required for the major. Students must complete ECON 495  with a grade of B or higher to receive departmental honors.

Economics majors who have completed 90 credits with an overall GPA of 3.50 and a GPA of 3.50 within the major are eligible to apply. Not all applicants who meet the minimum requirements are guaranteed acceptance.

Applications will be available starting May 1st of each year. Applications are due by August 1st.

To be accepted into the program and enroll in ECON 495  students must submit a research proposal. Research proposals can be developed independently or by completing ECON 494  with a grade of B or higher. Completion of ECON 494 is not required for departmental honors.


The department offers a minor in economics  and a minor in economic systems design . Both are available to students in any major.

Bachelor’s/Accelerated Master’s Program

The department offers highly qualified undergraduates the opportunity to apply to an accelerated master’s degree program in economics . If accepted, students will be able to earn both an undergraduate and a graduate degree after satisfactory completion of 144 credits, sometimes within five years.

Graduate Programs

The department offers a master’s and a doctoral degree in economics. The department is noted for its emphasis on comparative institutional analysis and its focus on the relations among economic, political, and legal institutions. This is reflected in the specializations associated with the department: experimental economics, Austrian economics, public choice, constitutional political economy, law and economics, and new institutional economics.

The department offers a graduate certificate in economic systems design, which provides a well defined course of study for students who want to advance or update their knowledge in this fast-moving field.


The department offers graduate teaching and research assistantships and fellowships that are awarded on a competitive basis. Other sources of funding such as grants, loans, and employment on campus are also available. Students with assistantships must register for a minimum of six credits a semester and, like all students, demonstrate satisfactory progress toward their degree.


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